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offer.wav(25K) offer.mp3(25K) offer.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Don Corleone: "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

someday.wav(149K) someday.mp3(149K) someday.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Don Corleone: "Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as a gift on my daughter's wedding day."

goomba.wav(195K) goomba.mp3(195K) goomba.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Jack Woltz: "Johnny Fontane will never get that movie. I don't care how many dego, wop, guinea, greaseball goombas come out of the woodwork."
Tom Hagen: "I'm German-Irish."
Woltz: "Well, let me tell you something, my kraut, mick friend. I'm gonna make so much trouble for you you won't know what hit you."
Tom: "Mr. Woltz, I'm a lawyer. I'm have not threatened you."
Woltz: "I know every big lawyer in New York. Who the hell are you?"

p_of_ass.wav(85K) p_of_ass.mp3(85K) p_of_ass.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Woltz: "She was beautiful! She was young, she was innocent! She was the greatest piece of ass I've ever had, and I've had 'em all over the world!"

spoil.wav(73K) spoil.mp3(73K) spoil.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Don Corleone: "I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them as you can see. They talk when they should listen."

blood.wav(78K) blood.mp3(78K) blood.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Sollozzo: "I don't like violence, Tom. I'm a businessman. Blood is a big expense."

fishes.wav(76K) fishes.mp3(76K) fishes.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Sonny: "What the hell is this?"
Tessio: "It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes."

canoli.wav(51K) canoli.mp3(51K) canoli.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Clemenza: "Leave the gun. Take the cannollis."

pauley.wav(41K) pauley.mp3(41K) pauley.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Sonny: "How's Pauley?"
Clemenza: "Oh, Pauley. You won't see him no more."

badabing.wav(199K) badabing.mp3(199K) badabing.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Sonny: "Whatya gonna do? Nice college boy huh? Don't wanna get mixed up in the family business? Now you wanna gun down a police officer because he slapped you in the face a little bit, huh? Whatya think this is the army, where you shoot 'em a mile away? You gotta get up close like this.. badaBING! you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C'mere... you're taking this very personal."

plantgun.wav(80K) plantgun.mp3(80K) plantgun.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Sonny: "Clemenza, I want somebody good, and I mean very good, to plant that gun. I don't want my brother comin' outta that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright?"

sonny.wav(362K) sonny.mp3(362K) sonny.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

: "(Sonny gets it at the Causeway toll booth. No dialogue, just lots of gunshots)"

naive.wav(246K) naive.mp3(246K) naive.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Michael: "My father's no different than any other powerful man. Any man who's responsible for other people, like a Senator, or a President."
Kay: "Do you know how naive you sound?"
Michael: "Why?"
Kay: "Senators and Presidents don't have men killed."
Michael: "Oh. Who's being naive, Kay?"

peace.wav(490K) peace.mp3(490K) peace.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Don Corleone: "But I'm a superstitious man. And if some unlucky accident should befall him...if he should get shot in the head by a police officer, or if he should hang himself in his jail cell, or if he's struck by a bolt of lightning, then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room. And that I do not forgive. But that aside, let me say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one who will break the peace we have made here today."

wholife.wav(598K) wholife.mp3(598K) wholife.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Don Corleone: "I never wanted this for you. I worked my whole life, I don't apologize, to take care of my family. And I refused to be a fool dancing on the string held by all those big shots. I don't apologize, that's my life. But I thought that when it was your time that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator Corleone. Governor Corleone. Somethin'."
Michael: "Another pezzonovante."
Don Corleone: "Well.. there just wasn't enough time, Michael. Wasn't enough time."
Michael: "We'll get there Pop. We'll get there."

mogreen.wav(81K) mogreen.mp3(81K) mogreen.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Moe Green: "You sonofabitch. Do you know who I am? I'm Moe Green! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders."

fredo.wav(142K) fredo.mp3(142K) fredo.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Michael: "Fredo, you're my older brother... and I love you...but don't ever take sides, with anyone, against the family again. Ever."

hook.wav(78K) hook.mp3(78K) hook.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Tessio: "Tom, can you get me off the hook? For old times sake?"
Tom: "Can't do it, Saly"

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