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ignorance1.wav(30K) ignorance1.mp3(30K) ignorance1.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Hannon Fuller (Armin Mueller-Stahl): "They say that ignorance is bliss. For the first time in my life, I agree. I wish I had never uncovered the awful truth."

met_before.wav(21K) met_before.mp3(21K) met_before.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko): "Have we ever met before?"

familiar_faces.wav(214K) familiar_faces.mp3(214K) familiar_faces.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Grierson (Armin Mueller-Stahl): "You been here before? You look kind of familiar."
Douglass: "The name is Douglass Hall."
Grierson: "Douglas Hall, Douglass Hall, no, it doesn't ring a bell. I guess you juts have one of those faces familiar faces."

deja_vu.wav(59K) deja_vu.mp3(59K) deja_vu.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Jane Fuller (Gretchen Mol): "They say that deja vu is usually a sign of love at first sight."

carton.wav(85K) carton.mp3(85K) carton.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Detective Larry McBain (Dennis Haysbert): "Man, you're picking up bad habits left and right."
Douglass: "Must be the stress."
McBain: "Then, you'll need a carton."

how_do_you.wav(25K) how_do_you.mp3(25K) how_do_you.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Ashton (Vincent D'Onofrio): "How do you like having your life bleeped with?"

circuits.wav(10K) circuits.mp3(10K) circuits.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Douglass: "They are as real as you and me."
Whitney (Vincent D'Onofrio): "Yeah, because that's because we, we designed them that way doug. I mean, but in the end they're just a bunch of electronic circuits."

never_trust.wav(50K) never_trust.mp3(50K) never_trust.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

McBain: "I think I made the age old mistake, never trust a beautiful woman."

feeling.wav(26K) feeling.mp3(26K) feeling.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Natasha Molinaro (Gretchen Mol): "I just have this funny feeling that we've met before."

end_of_world.wav(101K) end_of_world.mp3(101K) end_of_world.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Douglass: "I know the truth."
Jane Fuller: "Where are you?"
Douglass: "You could call it the end of the world."

know_truth.wav(56K) know_truth.mp3(56K) know_truth.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Jane Fuller: "We programed this world so that noone in it could ever learn the truth and you and Fuller did."

pull_plug1.wav(80K) pull_plug1.mp3(80K) pull_plug1.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Douglass: "None of this is real, you pull the plug, I dissappear, and nothing I ever say, nothing I ever do will ever matter."

im_not_real.wav(188K) im_not_real.mp3(188K) im_not_real.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Jane Fuller: "I fell in love with you before I ever met you."
Douglass: "How can you love me? I'm not even real. You can't fall in love with a dream."

strange.wav(48K) strange.mp3(48K) strange.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Security Guard (Geoffrey Rivas): "Mr. Whitney is in the building And he's acting kind of strange."

jacked_in.wav(75K) jacked_in.mp3(75K) jacked_in.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Douglass: "He did it, He jacked in."
Ashton: "Huh, Who's Jack?"

world.wav(51K) world.mp3(51K) world.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Ashton: "Hey, what'd you do the world?"
Douglass: "I turned it off."

always_fun.wav(80K) always_fun.mp3(80K) always_fun.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Douglass: "We've improved on this model since then. Now the players can beat the bleep out of and try to drown one another, which is always fun."

see_it.wav(62K) see_it.mp3(62K) see_it.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Ashton: "I want to see it."
Douglass: "See what?"
Ashton: "My arcade game."

im_home.wav(51K) im_home.mp3(51K) im_home.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

David (Craig Bierko): "Hi honey, I'm home. Did you miss me?"

it_was_fun.wav(82K) it_was_fun.mp3(82K) it_was_fun.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Jane Fuller: "Why did yo butcher those people?"
David: "Becase it was fun."

bullet_do_that.wav(34K) bullet_do_that.mp3(34K) bullet_do_that.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Jane Fuller: "He's dead?"
McBain: "A bullet will do that to you."

leave_alone.wav(83K) leave_alone.mp3(83K) leave_alone.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

McBain: "Look, do me a favor will you. When you get back to whereever it is you come form, just leave us all the hell alone down here, ok."

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