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Episode 216 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson price at: amazon

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216_authoritay.wav(43K) 216_authoritay.mp3(43K) 216_authoritay.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "I said no, and I mean no.  Respect my authoritay!"

216_badelvin.wav(125K) 216_badelvin.mp3(125K) 216_badelvin.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "(SLAP) No Elvin, bad Elvin."

216_beatkenny.wav(61K) 216_beatkenny.mp3(61K) 216_beatkenny.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Kenny: "Kenny's dead body gets beaten, and cuffed."

216_better.wav(147K) 216_better.mp3(147K) 216_better.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Stanley told me you passed on.  Glad to see you're feeling better."

216_bigpresent.wav(54K) 216_bigpresent.mp3(54K) 216_bigpresent.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "As soon as I walk in the door, she'll hand me a big present... for no reason!"

216_breaking...wav(216K) 216_breaking...mp3(216K) 216_breaking...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "... this car chase is being brought to you by Snacky Smores...."

216_bullcrap.wav(10K) 216_bullcrap.mp3(10K) 216_bullcrap.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "The holidays are bullcrap!"

216_bulletin.wav(175K) 216_bulletin.mp3(175K) 216_bulletin.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Mass murder, and extremely nasty person, Charles Manson has escaped from prison!"

216_bumpy.wav(41K) 216_bumpy.mp3(41K) 216_bumpy.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Be careful hon, these roads are bumpy."

216_cancer.wav(130K) 216_cancer.mp3(130K) 216_cancer.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Remember, if it isn't ???, you're going to get cancer!"

216_carvedpoo.wav(110K) 216_carvedpoo.mp3(110K) 216_carvedpoo.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "And he, himself, the Grinchypoo carved the roast poo."

216_catheter.wav(60K) 216_catheter.mp3(60K) 216_catheter.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Will you hold Greatgrandma's catheter bag during dinner?"

216_charl...wav(224K) 216_charl...mp3(224K) 216_charl...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "...after we killed a bunch of people together... I realised my real family was who took care of me."

216_charl...wav(179K) 216_charl...mp3(179K) 216_charl...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "I feel like I'm in my own Christmas special!"

216_charlieintro.wav(39K) 216_charlieintro.mp3(39K) 216_charlieintro.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Oh, hi boys.  I'm Charlie... Charlie Manson!"

216_charlierant.wav(127K) 216_charlierant.mp3(127K) 216_charlierant.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "When I stand on my mountain and say do it, it gets done!"

216_charlierant2.wav(125K) 216_charlierant2.mp3(125K) 216_charlierant2.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Do you know what the Spirit of Christmas is, its a lie... from the lying pigs who consider me the-"

216_charliereads.wav(156K) 216_charliereads.mp3(156K) 216_charliereads.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Uncle Charlie tells about the 'spirit of the season'."

216_charliesings.wav(337K) 216_charliesings.mp3(337K) 216_charliesings.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Remember how it felt to be a child, opening presents on Christmas morning..."

216_comeout.wav(73K) 216_comeout.mp3(73K) 216_comeout.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "We know you're in there.  Come out peacefully and we'll shoot you!"

216_cool.wav(24K) 216_cool.mp3(24K) 216_cool.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Wow!  Cool!"

216_crap.wav(65K) 216_crap.mp3(65K) 216_crap.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Oh, so now everybody wants to see Mr. Hanky.  He's a piece of crap!"

216_cutthecrap.wav(54K) 216_cutthecrap.mp3(54K) 216_cutthecrap.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Ow!  You're not dreaming, cut the crap!"

216_development.wav(105K) 216_development.mp3(105K) 216_development.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "And Tom, it appears his mother is very disappointed in him."

216_dontmove.wav(51K) 216_dontmove.mp3(51K) 216_dontmove.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "It was good seeing you all.  Don't move until we're gone, or I'll shoot you dead.  Happy holidays."

216_dontneed.wav(32K) 216_dontneed.mp3(32K) 216_dontneed.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "I don't need this stupid family anyway."

216_dude.wav(17K) 216_dude.mp3(17K) 216_dude.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "Dude!  This is pretty bleeped up right here!"

216_eatalready.wav(23K) 216_eatalready.mp3(23K) 216_eatalready.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "C'mon!  Let's eat already.  They gave me extra bread and water."

216_eightyears.wav(26K) 216_eightyears.mp3(26K) 216_eightyears.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "They can't tell me what to do... I'm eight years old!"

216_elvin.wav(44K) 216_elvin.mp3(44K) 216_elvin.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Hi cousin Elvin."

216_fake.wav(91K) 216_fake.mp3(91K) 216_fake.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Kyle: "This is not Mr. Hanky... This is a FAKE!"

216_falseprohpet.wav(78K) 216_falseprohpet.mp3(78K) 216_falseprohpet.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Kyle: "Behold, here is your false prophet!"

216_family.wav(31K) 216_family.mp3(31K) 216_family.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "This is what the holidays is about, family."

216_finally.wav(102K) 216_finally.mp3(102K) 216_finally.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Kyle: "Jesus bleep!  Finally!"

216_fudgesicle.wav(92K) 216_fudgesicle.mp3(92K) 216_fudgesicle.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Fudgesicle!!! (CRASH!)"

216_funny.wav(44K) 216_funny.mp3(44K) 216_funny.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "What the hell is wrong with you Manson?  You're acting all funny."

216_getinback.wav(14K) 216_getinback.mp3(14K) 216_getinback.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Damnit Kenny!   Get in the back."

216_godblessus.wav(68K) 216_godblessus.mp3(68K) 216_godblessus.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Manson is hauled off to jail to rot in his cell.  Everything is back to normal..."

216_gogetit.wav(45K) 216_gogetit.mp3(45K) 216_gogetit.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Kenny... Kenny... Look!   Go get it!  Ha ha ha,  you poor piece of crap."

216_grace.wav(Amen!)"(121K) 216_grace.mp3(Amen!)"(121K) 216_grace.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Hey, I'm not saying grace, and if you ask me again, I will kick you squa in the nuts. "

216_grandmasong.wav(164K) 216_grandmasong.mp3(164K) 216_grandmasong.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..."

216_grinchypoo.wav(142K) 216_grinchypoo.mp3(142K) 216_grinchypoo.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "It was little Cindy Lou Poo, who was no more then two..."

216_grow.wav(41K) 216_grow.mp3(41K) 216_grow.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Well, Mr. Hanky has to grow too you know... Howdy Ho!"

216_haircut.wav(27K) 216_haircut.mp3(27K) 216_haircut.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Oh look!  Police Cheif Stevens got a new haircut."

216_heraldangels.wav(257K) 216_heraldangels.mp3(257K) 216_heraldangels.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "The gang breaks into a dashing rendition of Hark The Herald Angels..."

216_hooray.wav(85K) 216_hooray.mp3(85K) 216_hooray.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "Sure... we'll punish you after the holidays!"

216_howdyhob....wav(79K) 216_howdyhob....mp3(79K) 216_howdyhob....m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Gosh, you boys smell like flowers."

216_huggies.wav(30K) 216_huggies.mp3(30K) 216_huggies.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Come here and give your great grandma some huggies."

216_iamterror.wav(69K) 216_iamterror.mp3(69K) 216_iamterror.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Folks need to understand, I am terror!  I am fear!  I am - hey look, anothe holiday special."

216_icall...wav(12K) 216_icall...mp3(12K) 216_icall...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Kenny, I called shotgun."

216_ideserveto.wav(89K) 216_ideserveto.mp3(89K) 216_ideserveto.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "I can never make it up to the families I destroyed.  But at least I can make an example..."

216_itsucks.wav(31K) 216_itsucks.mp3(31K) 216_itsucks.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "It sucks, just like all of your other books."

216_killedkenny.wav(82K) 216_killedkenny.mp3(82K) 216_killedkenny.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Oh my god, they killed the little orange coat kid!"

216_leftover.wav(36K) 216_leftover.mp3(36K) 216_leftover.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Kenny: "Now remember, if they have leftover turkey, put it in a bag and bring it home, ok?"

216_littl...wav(14K) 216_littl...mp3(14K) 216_littl...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Eric loves his little friends."

216_lookgood.wav(20K) 216_lookgood.mp3(20K) 216_lookgood.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "You look good, Howard."

216_magicpowers.wav(73K) 216_magicpowers.mp3(73K) 216_magicpowers.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "So how can Mr. Hanky be here, and at another mall at the same time?"

216_marshmellow.wav(this made me hungry for marshmellows), 92 marshmellow..."(102K) 216_marshmellow.mp3(this made me hungry for marshmellows), 92 marshmellow..."(102K) 216_marshmellow.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "90 marshmellow... 91 marshmellow,"

216_merryxmas.wav(54K) 216_merryxmas.mp3(54K) 216_merryxmas.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!"

216_moveit.wav(51K) 216_moveit.mp3(51K) 216_moveit.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Where is it?  Move it!"

216_nightmare.wav(77K) 216_nightmare.mp3(77K) 216_nightmare.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Kyle: "I had this horrible nightmare that we were in this house and it was filled with Cartmans."

216_nojimmy.wav(117K) 216_nojimmy.mp3(117K) 216_nojimmy.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Bad Jimmy, that's a bad Jimmy!"

216_notfat.wav(61K) 216_notfat.mp3(61K) 216_notfat.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "I'm not fat, I'm big boned."

216_overreact.wav(60K) 216_overreact.mp3(60K) 216_overreact.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "Maybe he just ran away or got kidnapped or something..."

216_parade.wav(18K) 216_parade.mp3(18K) 216_parade.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Look Kenny!   There's an elephant parade."

216_permission.wav(129K) 216_permission.mp3(129K) 216_permission.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "I'm sorry Stanley, I can't let you go all the way to Nebraska by yourself.  Its the holidays!"

216_revolution.wav(64K) 216_revolution.mp3(64K) 216_revolution.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "The kids throw a revolt at the shopping mall."

216_ruldolph.wav(147K) 216_ruldolph.mp3(147K) 216_ruldolph.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Phillip: "Terrance and Phillip fart on Rudolph."

216_ruined.wav(25K) 216_ruined.mp3(25K) 216_ruined.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Well Howard, you've done it again.  You've ruined Christmas."

216_sale.wav(21K) 216_sale.mp3(21K) 216_sale.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Hey Kenny!   There's a sale on orange jackets over there!"

216_senile.wav(59K) 216_senile.mp3(59K) 216_senile.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Mom, grandma's gone senile!  Time to stick her in a home."

216_sharing.wav(45K) 216_sharing.mp3(45K) 216_sharing.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Phillip: "That's right Terrance, this is the season for sharing! (FART)"

216_shotgun.wav(40K) 216_shotgun.mp3(40K) 216_shotgun.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Shotgun!  I called it!  Shotgun!  I called it first!"

216_shotgun2.wav(158K) 216_shotgun2.mp3(158K) 216_shotgun2.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Cartman persuades Kenny to get out of the front seat."

216_shutup.wav(42K) 216_shutup.mp3(42K) 216_shutup.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Well, goodnight you guys... Happy holidays."

216_singornot.wav(65K) 216_singornot.mp3(65K) 216_singornot.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "We could sing."
Kyle: "Yeah, or we could not!"

216_sofaraway.wav(116K) 216_sofaraway.mp3(116K) 216_sofaraway.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Why don't we stick her in a nursing home closer to us so I don't have to drive 6 hours..."

216_sorry.wav(137K) 216_sorry.mp3(137K) 216_sorry.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "Young man!  I have had it!  You have disobeyed me for the last time!"

216_stateline.wav(92K) 216_stateline.mp3(92K) 216_stateline.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Here we go kids, we're crossing the state line into Nebraska."

216_stinky.wav(24K) 216_stinky.mp3(24K) 216_stinky.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "This is Uncle Stinky..."

216_supper.wav(52K) 216_supper.mp3(52K) 216_supper.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "I don't want your lame ass supper!"

216_tattooredone.wav(105K) 216_tattooredone.mp3(105K) 216_tattooredone.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "C'mon.  I'll buy you kids an orange smoothie."

216_teargas.wav(116K) 216_teargas.mp3(116K) 216_teargas.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Some kid must have said it wasn't the real Mr. Hanky again..."

216_tendollars.wav(104K) 216_tendollars.mp3(104K) 216_tendollars.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "I don't want to take care of Cousin Elvin!"

216_theyredead.wav(84K) 216_theyredead.mp3(84K) 216_theyredead.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Stan: "They're dead to me.  My mom doesn't even know I'm here."

216_turdinpocket.wav(59K) 216_turdinpocket.mp3(59K) 216_turdinpocket.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Who's we?  Do you have a turd in your pocket?"

216_ultimatium.wav(139K) 216_ultimatium.mp3(139K) 216_ultimatium.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "There's going to a lot of bloodshed.  And a lot of innocent people are going to die..."

216_watchass.wav(69K) 216_watchass.mp3(69K) 216_watchass.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "Now watch that ass in prison, Howard."

216_weak.wav(44K) 216_weak.mp3(44K) 216_weak.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "They've scored 16 unanswered points in 15 seconds!"

216_whatd...wav(82K) 216_whatd...mp3(82K) 216_whatd...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "There's a Mr. Hanky like me in every mall.  There's no real Mr. Hanky."

216_wheat.wav(71K) 216_wheat.mp3(71K) 216_wheat.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "The building block of your favorite foods, and the principal source of Nebraskas..."

216_willn...wav(53K) 216_willn...mp3(53K) 216_willn...m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "I will not forget this mother.  I will not forget this ever."

216_wonderful.wav(87K) 216_wonderful.mp3(87K) 216_wonderful.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Cartman: "You know what you are bitch.  You're a bitch, and I bet you'd like to suck it, wouldn't ya?"

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