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Ray: "I know you, and I know when you got something brewin'. I know it."
Claude: "What I got brewin'? What I got brewin' Ray?"
Ray: "You tell me."
Claude: "You done lost your damn mind Ray. I can't believe..."
Ray: "I don't care what you believe. I dont care what you believe. Cause, I know you got something up your sleve nigger."
Claude: "You think I'm gonna say up arguing with you all night? Your cutting into my sleeping time. Ok kiss my ass and goodnight."
Ray: "Go to sleep nigger, I hope... and I hope it's the long one."
Claude: "Yeah."
Ray: "Why you so concerned with me going to sleep?"
Claude: "Goodnight"
Ray: "I'm gonna go to sleep."
Claude: "Goodnight Ray"
Ray: "Why you go to sleep? Why for I can't sit here and look at your ass and wonder what you got up your sleve."
Claude: "Yeah I got something brewin'. I got an ass woopin' brewin' for you if you don't stop bleepin' with me."
Ray: "Is that right?"
Claude: "That's right Ray!"
Ray: "Sleep tight nigger. Yeah, bleep you too."
Claude: "Yeah, I hope your ass piss the bed with that weak ass bladder of yours."
Ray: "Yeah well, if I do... if I do, then I'll put the sheets on you. How you like that?"

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