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Purple Matress: Life's too short to be uncomfortable.

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Versace Salesman (Jeremy Piven): "It was a cowboy hat, and now it's a pithe helmet, and want's to spank... Hold on, I'll be with you in a bit. Hi' nice to see you. Can I help you gentlemen?"
Carter: "Yeah, I'm gonna need black, 42 long, and nothing touches this body but pure silk. And get my partner here something from the kids department."
Versace Salesman: "Okay, would you partner like to be wraped in silk as well? Some people think it's tacky, but I really enjoy it when couples dress alike."
Carter: "No, wain a minute, no. This isn't no couple thing man. We're police officers. We're working a very dangerous case, and we need sowe clothes."
Lee: "Yes, there are a lot of men chasing us."
Versace Salesman: "As well they should be. You have nothing to worry about. Okay, because I'm going to turn you two into the bell of the ball."
Lee: "Thank you."
Versace Salesman: "Absolutely. Let's start with you. Shant we? You got the mocha china face, wonderful skin, and the big broad shoulders, okay. Let's put a dead animal on you; Croc skin, buttercream, buttercream, croc skin, buttercream. What size is the waste? Let's go in. I want..."
Carter: "Hey! watch it sweetness."
Versace Salesman: "He's got some fire to him."
Carter: "Honeycup!"
Versace Salesman: "I like that."
Carter: "Go get the clothes."
Versace Salesman: "Okay, I'm going to..."
Carter: "Hurry up!"
Versace Salesman: "I'll pull some items. Ooh jees' Lil Kim. I'll be back."
Carter: "Did you see that?"
Lee: "He likes you."
Carter: "I'm not shopping with you no more."

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